Not So Happy Feet

| Anaheim, CA, USA | Friendly | October 1, 2016

(I’m on a trip with family to a popular theme park, and I’m wearing shoes that are comfy but have unfortunately gotten wet and quite smelly. I’m forced to wear them because I don’t have another pair with me. This event occurs when I’m getting on a ride and there are three men behind me.)

Man #1: “What was that smell?”

Man #2: “I thought it was you.”

Man #1: “No, bro, I thought it was you.”

Man #3: “It smelled like someone’s feet.”

All Men: “Yeah.”

Man #3: “Do my feet smell that bad?”

(Sorry, guys! I didn’t know that it was bad enough to be wafting backwards! I had to wear the shoes the whole day and I still have to wear them tomorrow! Can’t wait for the plane ride back!)

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