(Not So) Great Scott

| Working | May 28, 2012

(I have woken up with a serious vision problem and decide to see the eye doctor as soon as possible. I call the same eye care facility I have been using for the past six years and am given an appointment for three in the afternoon.)

Me: “Hi, I have a 3:00 appointment?”

Employee #1: “What? No, that’s not right. This guy over here is the 3:00.”

(There are four different employees behind the counter, and in the course of the next five minutes, they all proceed to question and very nearly BERATE me, suggesting that I don’t know where I made the appointment. Finally, one of them pages backward through the appointment book.)

Employee #2: “Here it is! Your appointment was for 3:00 yesterday afternoon. You were supposed to come in yesterday!”

Me: “I made the appointment this morning. Why would I have made it for yesterday?!”

Employee #2: “Who did you talk to when you made the appointment?”

Me: “He said his name was Scott.”

All four employees, in unison: “Ohhhhh…”

(I never did get an apology.)

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