Not-So-Diff’rent Clothes

| Working | April 5, 2013

(I’ve come into the store where I work at to discuss next week’s schedule with my manager. I’m off-duty and not in uniform.)

Me: “Hey [manager], are you still working on next week’s schedule?”

Manager: “Yep, but it’s almost done. Just give me another minute, and I’ll post it up.”

Me: “Actually, let me stop you there. Before you go any further, I was wondering if I could get Thursday off.”

Manager: *cold, hard stare* “Whatchoo talkin’ bout!?”

(My manager is prone to outbursts of anger, so while it is not surprising, I am still a little bit hurt.)

Me: *nervously* “So, I guess that’s a no, then?”

Manager: “Nah, you’re good.” *points at my torso* “Enjoy your Thursday off!”

(I look down to see where he’s pointing, and it all suddenly makes sense. Hi, I’m the author of Diff’rent Clothes on Not Always Right, and I was wearing the same shirt.)

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