Not So Different, You And I

| Florence, KY, USA | Right | April 19, 2012

(I’m a waiter in a very authentic, very small Japanese restaurant. I’m filling drinks at a table of four people in their mid-twenties—two guys and two girls.)

Customer: “Um, yeah…so, I have a question.”

Me: “Sure. What would you like to know?”

Customer: “Yeah…so, like…um…Japanese…uh…Asians…do Asian people like dessert?”

Me: “Well, of course they enjoy dessert. Doesn’t everyone?”

Customer: “So, like…what do they eat, then?”

Me: “Sweet things. Cake, ice cream, candy, and all kinds of sweets.”

Customer: “Oh. So just like us?”

Me: “Yes… just like us.”

(She stares at me, unable to understand why I’m grinning in disbelief. No words are exchanged, so I walk away. As I’m walking, I hear her friend say, “Wow, he hates you.” At the end of her meal she asks for a fortune cookie.)

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  • Rachel Schmachel

    I’m guessing that her question was related to their dessert menu. I’ve always found them limited in Asian restaurants.

  • I’m super calm bro

    Japan has done phenomenal things with desserts, but generally speaking, there is a HUGE difference between Asian and European desserts. First of all – dairy is part of the European tradition and is reflected in desserts that are rich in butter and cream. Since dairy is much less uncommon in most Asian countries (referring to East Asia, not South Asia as obviously India has plenty of cows), so are dairy-laden desserts. Ice cream is something that the Japanese have embraced with enthusiasm (and mochi!) but again – most Asians are lactose intolerant and likely wouldn’t enjoy ice cream or the after effects of it.

    The customers are dingy for asking for a Chinese fortune cookie (yes, that was invented in the United States) in a Japanese restaurant, but waiter did a piss-poor job of actually replying to the question.

    OP, why’d you walk away grinning in disbelief? You couldn’t have described halo halo, or mentioned purple yam flavored kit kats? You just wanted to share a snarky story about how you beget ignorance with yet more ignorance?

  • Ryan Peters

    OP is a dick. Customer’s question was perfectly reasonable, and could have been a good cultural learning opportunity but OP decided to be smug instead.