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Not So Cut-And-Dry (Food)

, , , | Healthy | December 19, 2022

I had a cat a while back who was suddenly not well. We took him to the emergency vet, who performed surgery. They told us they’d need to keep him for a few days.

A day or so later, we got a call.

Vet’s Office: “Please come pick [Cat] up.”

Me: “I thought he needed to stay another day or two.”

Vet’s Office: “No, it’s time.”

When I went back to get him, he was in one of the usual cages along the wall, one that was fairly high up. That’s when they told me the real story.

[Cat] was not eating his food; they didn’t know that he only likes dry food and hated the canned they had. They kept trying but thought that he was just too sick or something. When the vet tech came to care for him, he hit the edge of the bowl and managed to splatter the food all over her.

She thought, “Poor thing, he’s having trouble controlling his muscles,” and gave him extra love.

An hour or two later, he had a fresh bowl of food, and the tech opened his cage. He swatted the bowl just so and, yep, all over her.  

And that’s when they called me to take him home… where he got his kibble.

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