Not So Closed-Minded

, , , , | Right | January 23, 2019

(I have finished up work for the day and left the now-closed store from the back. I have walked around to the front and through the car park to begin my walk home, still wearing my store staff tags. A car comes hurtling into the car park and the driver, upon seeing me, winds down their window.)

Customer: “Do you work at that store?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “I just put a dress on hold from another store for my daughter — she needs it for tomorrow — so I came here to get it.”

Me: “Well, sorry, but the store is closed; you will have to come back when they open tomorrow.”

Customer: “But I need it now! Can’t you just let me go in and buy it real quick?”

Me: “Ah, no. I am just a staff member; I have no keys to the building or the authority to do that. Also, we have been closed for a good fifteen minutes by now; I’m pretty sure everyone would have left the store by now. It is empty.”

Customer: “But I need it. I will be really quick, I swear.”

Me: “I cannot help you; the store opens at nine tomorrow.” *swiftly continues to walk home and away from this woman*

(I don’t know what possessed her to think a random staff member could open a department store after close, but I was glad I was not rostered the next day!)

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