Not So Closed Minded: Ultimate Edition

, , , , | Right | July 18, 2018

(A chain is opening another store in town and several of the new employees, me included, are setting up the stock. It’s Tuesday and the shop opens on Friday; there is a huge sign outside advertising this and we are all in our own clothes. As well as the local employees, we have the shopfitters, who have been doing the decorating but are also sorting stock. I’m at the till testing deals when two guys in paint-splattered clothes approach me with cans of soda. I haven’t worked in customer service for nearly ten years, and have anxiety, so I probably could handle this better.)

Customer #1: “You know these aren’t even cold, right?”

Me: “Um… I don’t think we’re turning the drinks fridges on until Thursday.”

Customer #1: *thrusts cans at me*

(I take the cans and scan them, thinking they want me to test the deals.)

Me: “It’s not showing any deals on those.”

Customer #2: “We don’t care; we just want to buy them.”

Me: “Oh… I’m sorry, but we’re not open. We’re just setting up to open on Friday.”

Customer #2: “What the f***? We walked around the entire shop and not one person stopped us. Are you saying you’ve all wasted our time?”

Me: *starting to get anxious* “Um… uh… I’m sorry. There is a sign outside, but I guess you didn’t see it and—”

Customer #1: *mockingly* “‘Um, uh…’ I think you should sell these to us, don’t you?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but there’s no cash in this till for change because, well, because we’re not open.”

(The guy leans over the counter, and I step back, but there isn’t much room. One of the shopfitters notices and approaches.)

Shopfitter: “You okay?”

Customer #1: “We want to buy a drink and she won’t sell to us, and nobody told us you guys weren’t open yet when we walked around.”

Shopfitter: “Look around you, mate. There’s ladders in the aisles and very little stock on the shelves, the lights and fridges aren’t on, nobody is wearing a [Chain] uniform, and there’s a large sign that says, ‘Opening Friday [date],’ you had to have walked past to get in, so you do the math.” *holds up a hand when they try to interrupt* “I’m not done. I saw you guys walk past, but I was focusing on my job, and at a glance you look like one of my lot. You’re not going to be buying a drink, because it isn’t possible. I suggest going to [Chain Store five-minute walk away].”

Customer #1: “F*** you both!”

(They both stormed out. I thanked the shopfitter and we got on with our jobs, although I was shaking slightly. The opening went very well, and I worked there for several years and dealt with worse customers. I got better at it, though. The guys never came back, even after we were open.)

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