Not So Book-Smart, Part 3

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My dad is massively impatient with customer service, making it very embarrassing to go shopping with him. A new book in a series he’s fond of has come out, and we go to pick it up. After searching the shelves for twenty minutes, we give up and leave to ring my books up.

Employee: “Find everything okay?”

Dad: “Actually, no. We searched everywhere for [Book] and didn’t find it, even though the other books in the series are up there.”

Employee: “Really? Let me check that for you.”

He proceeds to type the book into the computer’s database and finds it immediately. 

Employee: “Actually, we have two of that book in stock. Would you like me to go get it for you?”

Dad: *Very rudely* “No, we looked for it. I’m pretty sure it’s not there.”

Two weeks later, I need a book for classes. I search the shelf for a good ten minutes and cannot find it. Annoyed, my dad tells me to ask them to order it. I go to the customer service desk and hear a very familiar story. 

Employee: “Actually, we have quite a few of those in stock. Would you like me to go get one for you?”

Me: “Umm well… Yeah, okay, I can wait.”

Five minutes later, the employee returns with my book. I thank her and turn to leave, but then think better of it. 

Me: “Umm, ma’am? Can I ask you a question?”

Employee: “Sure!”

Me: “Do you sometimes not place books on the shelves even when you have them in stock?”

Employee: “Oh! Yeah, sometimes we keep them in the back to make room for more popular or modern pieces.”

Me: “Okay… Thank you!”

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