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Not So Book-Smart

, , , , | Right | November 20, 2022

Summer is weeding season at our library. In order to buy new books, we have to get rid of old ones that haven’t been in circulation for a while. Children’s books we give away for free to schools and preschools or just random children who happen to pass by. Books for adults are sold for a symbolic sum.

Our yearly book sale is popular and appreciated by most visitors, but there are always people who believe that every single library needs to have every single book ever written.

Customer: “Why are you selling off this book series? I remember reading them a few years back; they were so good.”

Me: “No one has checked them out in the past five years, and we need to make space so we can keep buying new books.”

Customer: “What if someone wants to read them?”

Me: “The national depot library has them, so we’ll just do an interlibrary loan.”

Customer: “I just don’t understand why you’re getting rid of perfectly good books.”

Me: “If you want to have them at hand, you’re very welcome to buy them. I’ll even let you have them for free if they mean that much to you.”

Customer: “But I don’t have space for that many books!”

Me: “Neither do we.”

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