Not Seeing The Forest For Your Duties

| Working | July 20, 2012

(I am a waitress and have three tables at the time. All of the tables request that I close the blinds so the sun will not be in their eyes. I close them and that’s when my boss walks over.)

Boss: “What the F*** are you doing?”

Me: “I am closing the blinds so the sun is not in our customers’ eyes.”

Boss: “No. Open them back up!”

Me: “But then the sun will be in their eyes and they won’t be comfortable.”

Boss: “Do I look like I give a d***?!”

(I refuse to open them, putting my job on the line, but I make the customers happy. As it turns out, one of the customers is a secret shopper and reports the incident to the owner. He was fired a week later, and guess who got a promotion!)

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