Not Scoring Any Points With That Advice

| NY, USA | Friendly | June 27, 2016

(I am at work and notice a coworker checking out a customer and using her rewards points to help pay for a $160 purchase.)

Coworker: “With your points, you can take $5 off your purchase, so your total will be $155.”

(I step in to help the customer save money.)

Me: “Ma’am, I would advise you not to use your points right now because you will not earn the 160 points from today’s purchase. You could instead pay the $160 and earn those points, which would give you an additional $8 off another purchase.”

Customer: “I want to use my points today! Stay out of this!”

Me: “You still can by splitting your purchase—“

Customer’s Friend: “You need to let her use her points right now.”

Me: “Okay, I’m sorry.”

(After giving me dirty looks, the two women leave with their bought items. I was telling her how to save $13 instead of just $5, but she apparently didn’t want to!)

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