Not Scoring Any Extra Points

| UK | Right | January 12, 2017

(I’ve owned an Xbox for a while, and recently bought a PS3, so I go to a video game shop to get some points to spend on DLC – downloadable content)

Me: “Hi, do you sell the equivalent of Microsoft points for the PS3?”

Cashier: “Yes, we have PSN points. Can I just check that you have online access?”

Me: *confused* “Yes…”

Cashier: “Sorry, we have to ask now. Some customers have bought points when they don’t have online access.”

Me: “People really do that?”

Cashier: “Yeah, and then since it’s a code, we can’t do a refund when they bring it back.”

Me: “Wow.”

(I’m not sure where those customers thought they’d download the DLC from if they don’t have online access…)

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