Not Respecting All Nine Lives

| Related | January 26, 2014

(It’s Thanksgiving. After dinner my family starts to play a board game I found in a thrift store. The point of the game is to have the most cats by the time you get to the end of the board’s path. On some spaces, you gain cats and on others you lose cats, and on some you have to spin the spinner to see how many you lose/gain.)

Brother: “I got to the vet, but I don’t have any cats left. What do I do?”

Mom: *looks at the box for the directions to see if there’s anything about what to do in this situation* “Uh… just spin anyway. We can write down that you have negative cats.”

(Despite the disbelief and disapproval of the direction, my brother spins the spinner.)

Brother: “I lost six cats.”

Dad: “So you have negative six cats.”

Me: “How do you even have negative six cats?”

(My brother stares at the spinner for a minute, then gets up and leaves the room. When he returns, he’s holding a plastic box full of game pieces for various games. He rummages through and finds three dice with skulls for the one, and three game tokens with skulls, which he places in his area for cats. At the confused looks on our faces, he explains.)

Brother: “This game is now called Euthanasia!”

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