Not Your Regular, Regular Request

, , , | Right | March 28, 2018

(I have just started at my new job and have been here for about a week when a regular from my old job comes in.)

Regular:There you are! Why aren’t you at that other gas station?”

Me: “I work here now. Want me to brew you some coffee?”

Regular: “No! I want you back at that other gas station! I like that station better, but the other people who work there are mean, and they never have coffee ready. So, quit here and go back over there. That’s what I want!”

Me: “Um, sorry, but one of the reasons I don’t work over there anymore is because the other workers weren’t so nice. Why would I go back?”

Regular: “Because you’re nice! And you’re the only one who would make the coffee right!”

Me: “Why not just come here, instead? It’s still a gas station with coffee, and I work here, so you know it’ll be ready for you.”

Regular: “No, I like that place better! I just want you to go back there!”

Me: “That is… not going to happen.”

(The regular didn’t like that one bit and stomped away. Shortly after that, my old job went out of business. I have no idea what he did for coffee after that.)

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