Not In Receipt Of All The Facts

, , , , | Right | February 13, 2018

(A customer comes in and purchases some food, using a credit card to pay. Everything goes as normal, but one hour later he returns.)

Customer: “I came in earlier and you overcharged my credit card! It was only $13.53, but you charged me $112.94!”

(He starts waving around a credit card receipt.)

Me: “Sir, that is not our receipt; we use thermal paper, and I can see that it is carbon-copy paper.”

(For those that do not know, thermal paper is glossy and white, while carbon-copy is yellow and rough.)

Customer: “Yeah, it is!”

(He literally throws the receipt at me. I then pull out the merchant copy and hold it in front of him while holding his carbon copy receipt right next to it.)

Me: “Sir, this is not [Hardware Store]. This is [Restaurant]. This is not even the same street, and not the same type of paper. This is not our receipt!”

(The guy left, angry.)

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