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Not Really Going With the Flow (Chart)

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I rent a room and my landlady has a humorous “no soliciting” sign that is basically a flow chart for who should ring the bell: friends, family, emergency services, and children selling for fundraisers. It does not include the words “no soliciting” in big bold letters, but it does count as a “no soliciting” sign.

They are laying new cables in our neighborhood and the local telecoms are out in force trying to sign people up for new services.

One day, my landlady answers the door.

Employee #1: “Hello, I was reading your sign. It is very funny.”

Landlady: “Yes, we think so. How can I help you?”

Employee #1: “I represent [Telecom Company] and would like to talk to you about—”

Landlady: “You do realize that is a ‘no soliciting’ sign?”

Employee #1: “Well, yes, but since we are already talking—”

My landlady closes the door in his face.

This exact conversation happens five other times with employees from the company and others, to the point that my landlady no longer opens the door and calls their companies to complain multiple times. Basically, she is told in no uncertain terms that until she signs up with one of the companies, they will keep coming by.

The next day, the doorbell rings and since I am expecting a package, I go to answer it. There is a man in a polo with the logo of [Telecom Company that hasn’t visited yet]

Employee #2: “Hello, I’m sorry. I rang the bell before I read the sign. I didn’t want to doorbell ditch you; I’ll just be leaving now. Have a good day.”

Me: “Wait, hold on. Can I get your card?”

Employee #2: “No, ma’am, you have a ‘no soliciting’ sign, and I would get in so much trouble if you called and complained. Take care.”

I’m sure you all know which company my landlady decided to sign up with.

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