Not Really Feline This Scam

, , , , | Legal | November 23, 2018

(I answer the phone. For anyone who is not aware, a sufficiently vocal, angry cat can be fairly deafening.)

Caller: “Hello, I am calling because your Windows computer is infected with a virus.”

Me: “Oh, no. Really?”

Caller: “Yes, I will tell you how to remove it.”

Me: “Can you hold while I log in to the computer?” *places on hold*

(I pull up Youtube and find a video of an extremely angry cat screaming bloody murder, pause it, and crank up the computer’s volume. I then take the caller off hold, hold the phone up to the computer speaker, and hit play.)

Me: *after about twenty seconds of shrieking cat* “If you can still hear me, I’m busy. Go scam someone else.”


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