Not Really Applying Themselves To The Application

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Applicant: “Hey, do you guys have any job applications?”

Me: “Yeah, sure. Hold on.”

(I pull an application and a pen out from behind the concierge desk, and he takes it over to the corner and begins to fill it out. After a few minutes he calls me over.)

Applicant: “Hey, can you help me with this?”

Me: “I guess. What do you need?”

Applicant: “I’m trying to figure out what it’s asking me here.”

(He then points to the section of the application labeled “Employment History.”)

Me: “Seriously? They just want you to list down the previous places where you used to work.”

Applicant: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

(I then spend the next five minutes walking him through that section of the application, where to write down where his previous job was, how long he worked there, etc. Thankfully, it is a slow day, so I don’t have to worry about customers. When he finally finishes the application, I take it up to the manager’s office.)

Me: “I should warn you about this guy. He seems easily confused. He didn’t understand the employment history section, and I had to hold his hand through the whole thing.”

Manager: *looks at the application* “Oh, yeah. I remember this guy. I interviewed him a few months ago. Yeah, you’re right. He is easily confused.”

Me: “Wait… He’s filled this out before?!”

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