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Not Quite Your Flavor Of The Month

| Romantic | January 21, 2017

Husband: *reading ingredient list on a bottle of mustard* “So they have to list spices separately that people could be allergic to. That’s why paprika is listed, but then it just says spices farther down.”

Me: “I don’t really care for paprika; it just doesn’t have any flavor to me.”

Husband: *sits and thinks about paprika for a moment* “I suppose there must be a difference between the scented paprika and the stuff people eat.”

Me: *I sit there for a moment trying to figure out what he just said* “Scented paprika?”

Husband: *completely serious* “You know, that mixture of woody chunks that smell strongly that people put out in little dishes?”

Me: “Oh, honey! That’s pronounced potpourri!”

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