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Not Quite The Topless Of The Class

| Learning | August 5, 2014

(It’s the day of an important test worth 30% of our final grade. Five minutes before it’s supposed to start, one of my classmates runs in the door wearing a hoodie with no shirt underneath and no bag or books – just one pen.)

Me: “Dude, what happened?!”

Classmate: “Oh, about an hour ago I woke up hungover at my friend’s house and realised I was an hour’s drive away. I couldn’t find my shirt, so I just zipped up my hoodie and grabbed a pen off the counter. I’m surprised I made it. Why do they have to make these tests so early?”

Me: “It’s 3pm…”

Classmate: “Oh!”

(A few weeks later, our tutor handed out our grades for the test. Classmate got 52%.)

Tutor: “[Classmate], you only just passed. I expect better next time.”

Me: “I think he did pretty well considering he showed up hungover with no shirt, one pen, and no idea what time it was!”

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