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Not Quite The Cat’s Meow

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(A visitor enters with a large cat carrier.)

Visitor: “Hi, I found a stray cat. They told me to bring it here.”

Me: “Okay, just stay in this room. I’ll get some assistance.”

Visitor: “It’s really nasty; it keeps hissing. I think it wants out. Do you mind if I let it out?”

Me: “Please don’t, miss. We need to evaluate it first.”

Visitor: “No, I really think he needs to be let out. Don’t worry!”

Me: *noticing the loud hissing and snarling* “I seriously advise against opening the carrier!”

Visitor: “Why?”

Me: “Because that is not a cat.”

(The visitor ignored me and opened the carrier. A huge, angry raccoon dashed out, hissing and growling.)

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