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Not Quite Sure What They Are Bowl-ing For

, , , , | Working | February 12, 2018

(I’m at the supermarket looking for a heat-proof bowl. I need it to melt chocolate, so it has to be both heat-proof and big enough for cake-baking. The aisle is looking pretty bare, so I look for someone to ask. Unfortunately, I get the most eager assistant in the store.)

Me: “I’m looking for a heat-proof baking bowl. Do you have anything in stock that I’m being stupid and can’t see?” *expecting it to be right in front of me — Sod’s Law*

Assistant: “Er, let’s see. Well, those bowls are heat-proof.”

Me: “These are cereal bowls. I’m looking for something bigger, like a baking bowl.”

Assistant: “Well, there are the baking bowls, but none of them are heat-proof.”

Me: *looking around* “Oh, actually, this one looks like it might do. Thanks!”

Assistant: “Are you sure? If you go to our store fifteen minutes away, they have a much wider selection.”

Me: “Oh, thanks. That’s okay. I don’t have a car, and I need to get the rest of the shopping home. This is close enough to what I was after; it will do what I need.”

Assistant: “Well, we have those cereal bowls, or the bigger bowls, or you can try our other store.”

Me: “Thanks, I think I’m all good.”

(I start to walk away.)

Assistant: “Do you want directions to our other store? I can call and make sure they have stock in.”

Me: “Honestly, thanks, I’ll just take this one.”

Assistant: “If you’re sure? We do have these baking bowls here, or the cereal bowls.”

Me: *edging further away* “No, that’s fine, thanks!”

(I’ve always found the people in that chain of supermarkets helpful, so I guess they have a really stringent policy on customer service, but as much as I appreciated his help, it got a bit wearing saying no that many times!)

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