Not Quite Monopolizing Your Attention

, , , | Working | December 31, 2018

(I work in a small grocery store that has a delivery system where customers order with email, via phone or through the online store. You can use either cash or credit card as a payment method. In credit card cases, the driver has a mobile payment terminal with him, and the payment is made at the customer’s front door. No numbers are required in the online shop. In cash cases, we pay the delivery with written checks which we’ve given the nickname, “Monopoly money,” and once the actual money is received from the customer, the Monopoly money in the counter is traded into the actual money. A cashier who is working on the school holiday gets one of these cash deliveries.)

Me: *hands the Monopoly money* “We are using these as a payment in deliveries. Treat this note as a normal [amount] bill.”

(Then I start packing. A minute later the cashier asks:)

Cashier: “What is the purpose of this note?”

Me: “We are using these as notifications that this account has received a delivery of this sum.”

Cashier: “Okay, then I will toss it in the trash.” *throws the monopoly money to the bin*

Me: *all the veins in my head explode* “NO! YOU’RE DEFINITELY NOT TOSSING IT TO THE TRASH!”

(My manager overheard this and repeated what I said to the cashier. Ever since then, she handled them like normal money. If you just listened to me for even ONE second…)

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