Not Quite Feline This Sleep Talking

| Romantic | August 14, 2014

(I have been a long time player of a videogame, of which part of the gameplay involves killing animals such as cats. My boyfriend and I just got our own place. I had both introduced him not too long ago to the game, and just found out from him I talk in my sleep.)

Me: “I do? What do I say?”

Boyfriend: “Lots of cute things, though one I didn’t get until recently.”

Me: “Oh? What was that?”

Boyfriend: “‘Oh, kitten died. I wanted to kill the kitten. Ah, well. Next time.’ You just said it so plainly, too, like it didn’t even matter.”

Me: “You must’ve thought I was psycho. Well, I hope you get it now. What did you think then?”

Boyfriend: “No, I figured you had a good explanation for it.”

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