Not Quite A Light-Bulb Moment, Part 2

, , , | Right | February 8, 2021

I’m working a morning shift at the cash register at a popular discount store. Suddenly, the power in the entire store — I later learn it was the entire block — goes out. Usually, it comes back within five minutes; this time it does not because a car has crashed into a power pole, so we are without power for more than forty-five minutes.

Most people are aware that the cash registers run on electricity, so they begin to leave their stuff behind or just simply leave the line to continue looking around. One person, however, begins yelling at me when I tell her I won’t be able to check her out.

Customer: “What do you mean, you can’t check me out?”

Me: “The power in the entire store is out, ma’am.”

Customer: “What does that have to do with anything?!”

Me: “I can’t use the register without the electricity.”

Customer: “That’s absurd! Just open the money box and put my money in there for the stuff I have!”

I just gave my store manager a pointed look that said, “I’m not dealing with this,” and left to put the cold stuff people were leaving away. We have no keys to open the tills.

Not Quite A Light-Bulb Moment

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