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Not Presenting Herself In The Best Light

, , | Right | August 31, 2018

(It’s about seven am and my shift’s almost over. A young woman steps over.)

Young Woman: “Hello, I have a meeting in your meeting room today. Can you unlock it for me?”

Me: *in the middle of something* “Okay, give me a minute and I’ll be right over.”

Young Woman: “Okay.” *waits for a second* “Now?”

Me: *sigh* “Fine.”

(I grab the keys and unlock the door, then hurry to finish my work. A few minutes later, the same young woman’s back.)

Young Woman: “Excuse me; there was no projector in there. I was promised there would be!”

Me: “Um, I don’t know…”

Young Woman: “I was promised one! How will I do my presentation?”

(Luckily, my coworker arrives to relieve me and I hear him argue back and forth with the young woman about her supposed promised projector.)

Young Woman: “The sales manager promised me a projector!”

Coworker: “Let me call the sales manager.”

(At this the young woman frowns but doesn’t disagree.)

Coworker: “Hello, [Sales Manager]? Yes, there is a young woman here to do her presentation in the meeting room, and she says that she was promised a projector, and there is none.”

Sales Manager: “What? I never ever promised her that!”

Coworker: *to [Young Woman]* “She says that you were never promised a projector. Anyway, we don’t have one to give.”

Young Woman: *stubbornly* “I… I… was!”

Coworker: “You want to talk to her?”

(The sales manager and the young woman argued for a bit, and the young woman stomped off to get her own projector. She was unable to find one and had to do her presentation without slides, I heard. Boo hoo.)

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