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Not Presenting A Good Image

| Learning | August 18, 2013

(I work in a hotel, in the A/V department. A popular youth leadership educational group comes in. It is the day of the student oral presentations.)

Sales Manager: *answering phone* “Good morning, this is the A/V department. How can I help you?”

Student Presenter: “Do you have a projector and wireless slide advancer I can use for my presentation?”

Sales Manager: “We do have them at a cost. If available, I’ll send someone with one to your room.”

(The sales manager turns to me.)

Sales Manager: “Hey can you take a presenter and a projector up to that room?”

Me: “We were given instruction from the instructors that we were not to provide anything but what was already in the room for the students. It’s a part of their grade that they work out the equipment themselves… I’ll go up and explain it to him.”

(I walk up to the student’s room.)

Me: “I’m sorry, we were given specific instruction that we could not provide anything in addition to what was already provided in the room by the instructors.”

Student Presenter: *tearing up* “But you told me I could get this projector and clicker!”

Me: “I’m sorry; the sales person you spoke to was mistaken if he said that. The instructors, who are paying, have given me specific instruction to not add any equipment to the rooms. You will have to speak to your instructor if you want to add the equipment, and they will have to request it since they are paying.”

Student: *now red faced and crying* “But you said I could get this equipment! Now I can’t do my presentation!”

(The instructor walks in.)

Instructor: “What’s the problem here?”

Me: “I’m sorry; I was just explaining to the presenter that we were given instruction to not add any additional equipment to the room. That if he needed something more, that he would have to ask his instructor.”

Instructor: *to student* “Were you asking for more equipment?”

Student: “Yeah, because I need it for my presentation.”

Instructor: “You were given specific instructions as to what you needed to provide for your presentation. If you don’t have a projector, you will need to do it without one.”

Student: “But, I asked the hotel and they said they could provide one.”

Me: “My sales guy was mistaken by the room. That’s why I came up personally to explain the situation.”

Instructor: “No, you did the right thing. Thank you.”

(The instructor turns to the red-faced, crying student.)

Instructor: “STOP CRYING! You’re supposed to be at a leadership conference. This is what leaders face everyday. NOW MAKE A DECISION AND STOP CRYING!”

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