Not Phoning This One In

, , , , | Working | November 18, 2020

I am a casual at my job. I can get called in with little to no warning. At a previous job, I was held hostage without my phone, and I have developed an unhealthy attachment to having my phone on me at all times. If I do not, I get rather… nervous. This has gotten me into disagreements with my current supervisor, but not with our boss. I have another casual coworker who is hard to get a hold of.

Me: *Answering my phone* “Hello, this is [My Name] speaking.”

Supervisor: “Oh, hello, [My Name]. It’s [Supervisor]. I was won—  Actually, no, I just have to say first that it is so wonderful that you answer your phone every time I call. It’s really wonderful.”

Me: “Um… Thank you. It’s because I always have my phone on me.”

Supervisor: “Um… Yes, well, I was wondering if…”


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