Not Paying Attention Will Leave You Distressed

, , , | Right | September 19, 2020

I work for a store that sells furniture at a discount. A customer puts in an order for a dresser that is distressed, meaning it looks intentionally battered and old. Some people like it for the “antique” look.

Me: “Sir, are you sure you want this? It is distressed; see the picture?”

I show him the picture, but he barely glances at it.

Customer: “Yeah, sure, whatever. It’s fine.”

Me: “Okaaaay…”

I put in the order. A few weeks later…

Me: *On the phone* “Sir, your dresser has arrived; you can come to our warehouse and have a look.”

Customer: “Great! I’ll be right there!”

He arrives and he is rubbing his hands together, very excited. I show him to the warehouse and unwrap his furniture.

Customer: “What the…? It’s all beat up!”

Me: “Yes, that’s the style you ordered.”

Customer: *Not listening* “Obviously, there has been shipping damage to it. I want a new one.”

Me: “You don’t understand; that’s how it’s supposed to look.”

Customer: “Yeah, right! You’re just a girl. What do you know about furniture?!”

He keeps saying he doesn’t believe me, so I get a manager. It’s not until the owner himself comes out and says the same thing that it finally gets through.

Customer: “You mean I just spent hundreds of dollars for someone to take a bat to my dresser and make it look that way?”

Owner: “Yes, exactly.”

In the end, the man had to take his battered dresser home unhappily. His daughter, the one he had bought it for, was not pleased with him!

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