Not Paying Attention When You Need To Pay Respects

| Working | April 25, 2013

(It is my first day off in about a week and I am spending it with my best friend, supporting her at her grandmother’s funeral. At 7 am, I get a call from one of the managers.)

Manager: “Hey, can you come into work today? [Coworker] called in.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to a funeral today.”

Manager: “Oh. What time?”

Me: “Ten. I’m not sure how long it’s going to be, but I really don’t think I’ll be able to come in.”

Manager: “Well… I mean… Could you come in from ten to two and then go to the funeral?”

Me: “…No. The service starts at ten. I can’t really miss this.”

Manager: “What about ten-thirty to two?”

Me: “I really can’t make it.”

Manager: “How about you think about it and call us back at ten?”

Me: “I’m not going to call you back. I’m not going to think about this. I really can’t come into work today.”

Manager: “Well, can you have them reschedule it?”

Me: “The funeral?”

Manager: “Yeah.”

Me: “No. I’m going back to sleep.”

(I went back to sleep and proceeded to ignore the next four calls from my work. The next day, my direct manager comes to me…)

Direct Manager: “So, why couldn’t you make it in yesterday?”

(Thankfully, when I explained the situation, she realized how silly the other manager was, laughed and walked away.)

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