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Not Participating In Anything Here Ever Again

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Back in 1997, we were developing a web application for the government. We were on the verge of missing the deadline, so we were in constant “war mode” and working nights and weekends.

[New Hire] joined the team. Right on his first day, he posted on the wall a development methodology we should all follow. It was not in his job description to rearrange our work.

The same day, our manager called an ad-hoc meeting for everyone on the team to attend. Everybody was there except for [New Hire].

When we got back from the meeting, we all had an email from [New Hire] saying that he did not participate in ad-hoc meetings and that meetings had to be scheduled twenty-four hours in advance.

Not ten minutes later, he was terminated and security had to escort him out of the building while he was screaming that we were losing a valuable resource.

We met the deadline in the end.

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