Not My Department, Not My Care  

, , , | Right | March 12, 2020

(I work at a leased department inside a major department store whose slogan is to create magic for those who shop there. I don’t work for this major retailer, but I often will help their customers when things slow down. This happens after I finish with my customer:)

Customer: “I just want these.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t ring these items; I can walk them to another register with you if you’d like.”

Customer: “How dare you be so rude to me? I demand you ring these, now!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I work for a leased department so I’m not an employee of [Store], but they can help you at the next register.”

Customer: “FINE! Let me at least pay my bill!”

Me: “Sure, I’d be glad to do that; I can only accept cash or debit. My check reader isn’t working at the moment.”

Customer: “You are horrible. You won’t ring me and refuse to accept my check. Get me a manager!”

(I call a manager from the department store and explain the situation to the manager. The managers are often reluctant to show up, because we don’t work for them. Thankfully, one does show up.)

Manager: “I understand there has been a misunderstanding.”

Customer: “This b**** won’t ring me up or take my payment!”

Manager: “She doesn’t actually work for [Department Store] so she doesn’t ring our items. [Department Store] employees will be happy to help you there. As far as the payment, we can take cash or debit, because the work ticket shows that the check machine is down. So, how would you like to pay?”

Customer: “I filled out this check, so take my check here and now!”

(This goes on for a few minutes longer before I lose my cool.)

Me: “Lady! You’re not listening! I can’t abracadabra the machine to take your check. You could’ve been done had you taken it to another register. Or do you enjoy arguing?”

Customer: *throws the items in her hands at us and storms out*

Manager: “Had you worked for us, I would have had to write you up. But since you don’t—” *hands me a voucher* “—enjoy lunch on us.”

(Best, argument, ever! Thank you, miserable lady!)

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