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Not Much Room Left For More Complaints

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A family of seven or so comes in and rents three rooms. Ten minutes later, one of them comes down with a minor complaint about a room and requests a room change. I oblige.

Over the course of the next three hours, they keep coming back with various complaints that get more and more trivial, until finally:

Me: “Would you like me to offer you a full refund, if you’d like to go elsewhere?”

This is something we don’t do after the first hour or so, but I want them out of my hair.

Guest: “No, thank you.”

Finally, an hour later, the father comes down with a curtain he has ripped off and throws it at me across the counter.

Guest: “This curtain fell off! You need to give us all three rooms for free!”

Naturally, I say no. Both he and his wife start screaming at me for an hour because I won’t give in to their unreasonable demands, until they finally decide:

Guest: “Fine, we’re going to leave. We’ll take that refund you offered.”


Me: “Sorry, not after you have been in the room for five hours now and have ripped the curtain down.”

They scream some more and finally call the cops since, evidently, I am breaking some law they have invented on the spot. While waiting for the cops:

Guest: “You’re funding terrorism by working at this hotel!”

I assume this is because the place is Indian-owned? Finally, the cops came in and talked to the guests. Then, they talked to me, and finally, they told our guests to leave or go to jail for harassing me.

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