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Not Much Of A Kyacknowledgement

| Learning | April 13, 2013

(Our class is studying the ocean. We start off the unit by brainstorming all things we associate with the ocean while the teacher writes them on the board.)

Student #1: “Whales!”

Teacher: “Good, good, keep going.”

Student #2: “Kayaks!”

Teacher: “Excellent! What a great word!”

(She writes “kayak” on the board as K-Y-A-C-K.)

Me: “Miss [teacher’s name], isn’t “kayak” spelled K-A-Y-A-K?”

Teacher: “No, that’s not right.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure it is.”

Teacher: *gives me a dirty look* “Look it up in the dictionary while we continue.”

(I find ‘kayak’ in the dictionary, take it up to her, and point out the correct spelling. The teacher avoids looking at me as she responds.)

Teacher: “Hmph. Well that’s a funny way to spell it.”

(She erases ‘kyack’ and replaces it with ‘kayak’ and continues asking for more words. She never did apologize to me for telling me I was wrong!)

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