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Not Much Assurance About The Insurance, Part 15

, , , | Right | March 16, 2021

I work at a call center for an insurance company, though we are brokers, so we work with multiple companies. When customers visit one of our offices, a broker will sit them down, take their info and, if interested, a policy document is provided, with the customer’s name and address on each and every one of the pages, so if you sign, you basically agree that the information on the contract you read is correct and true, etc.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Insurance Company]. My name is [My Name]. May I have your policy number?

Customer: “Yes, it’s [number]. I haven’t received my bills from you guys and want to make sure everything’s all right.”

After verification, I check her account. It was just opened up less than a month ago and it’s already cancelled for non-payment. I look at the address on file and on her physical policy which we keep scanned copies of, and realize her street address was misspelled. The current address was not found by a search engine.

Me: “I’ve noticed that your street name is Wheelchair. Is that correct?”

Customer: *Laughs* “No, everyone here pronounces it ‘Wheelchair,’ but it’s Wilshire.”

She also spells it out.

Me: “It seems that’s the reason you haven’t gotten your bills, ma’am.”

Customer: “Oh, it happens.” *Still cheery*

Me: “Understandable. So, because a payment was not provided, most likely because of this, your policy has been cancelled. So, to reinstate it, it would only be [amount], including reinstatement fees.”

This is where all Hell breaks loose, where the customer’s tone of voice changes from merry to “everyone run for your lives.”

Customer: “What? What do you mean, reinstate fee? Why cancelled?”

Me: “Since your payment was not received and your grace period expired, your policy was cancelled—”

Customer: “Well, how is it my fault that your illiterate broker was too stupid to spell my address correctly?”

Me: “I do see that you signed your policy, in which—”

Customer: “I know I signed the policy, but your stupid coworker didn’t f****** spell my address correctly. How the f*** is it my fault?!

Me: “As I’m trying to tell you, since you signed your policy, which includes your name and address on every single page, you are agreeing that said information is correct.”

Customer: “You’d better not be blaming this on me, you piece of s***. Fix it and reinstate my policy!”

Me: “I can definitely fix the spelling on that. Of course, I’d need a copy of your driver’s license to—”

Customer: “No! Fix it now and get me covered, or I’m taking this to corporate, you little s***head!”

Me: “I can provide you with corporate’s number so you can—”

Customer: “I’m done talking to you! Next time I call, this better be solved or you can kiss your f****** job goodbye!” *Hangs up*

I made sure to notate everything in case she calls back. Months after that happened, I quit that job… so I kissed it goodbye on my own accord!

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