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Not Meeting Your Eggs-pectations

| Friendly | January 22, 2016

(A work friend and I are having a conversation. I am a sci-fi geek whereas she is decidedly not.)

Friend: “What are you up to this weekend?”

Me: “Oh, just a quiet weekend. I’m making a comic book at the moment, so will just focus on drawing that.”

Friend: “Oh cool! Like superheroes? I want to be a superhero; put me in it!”

Me: “It’s a sci-fi comic actually. You can be an alien.”

Friend: “I don’t want to be an alien.”

Me: “How many tentacles do you want? Three or seventeen?”

Friend: “I said superhero!”

Me: “And eyes, one or three?”

Friend: “I’m starting to feel disrespected now.”

Me: “Two eyes are so last year.”

Friend: “Be careful. I know where you live.”

Me: “Would you like your species to procreate like normal, or do you want to lay eggs? Eggs are always good.”

Friend: “I’m done with you now. You’re not obeying me.”

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