Not Making A Valid Pointe, Part 2

| Working | December 5, 2013

(I am at my local gym when I see a sign-up for children to have free activities over the Christmas holidays. These include hockey, soccer and ballet. I sign my daughter up and the next day I get a package from the gym with a gymnastics costume in. When I get back to the gym I go to the sign-up stall.)

Me: “Excuse me. When I signed my daughter up yesterday, I signed her up for hockey. I got a gymnastics outfit.”

Clerk: “Yeah. We got overloaded with names for hockey so I put her in gymnastics.”

Me: “Why wasn’t I contacted?”

Clerk: “Guess we forgot.”

Me: “Well, can I pull my daughter out if you’re overloaded.”

Clerk: *angry* “Christ! You women are so picky! That’s the THIRD time today I’ve had to withdraw a child from an activity! You b****** are just so ungrateful! We’re doing this for free, you know, where other places would CHARGE. You lot are just ungrateful.”

(I also see my daughter’s friend’s mother there. Turns out, she had signed up her daughter for soccer and got a ballet outfit and was told the same thing. We complained to the manager after we finished our session.)

Me: “Excuse me. I have a complaint. Your employee at the stall downstairs said that the hockey Christmas activity was full and put my daughter in another group. Then he swore at me when I withdrew her.”

Manager: “Funny, the hockey group isn’t over-running. In fact, it’s a ratio of one adult to three children. Only 11 children are signed up and we have three adults willing to take part. In fact, the ballet and gymnastics have 17 girls and I think three girls have been pulled out. Come to think of it, at least HALF of these girls were signed up for other sports!”

(The manager storms out of the office and we follow him to the clerk, who is putting papers away.)

Clerk: “Oh, hi, [Manager]. I needed to talk to you about—”

Manager: “Why have you signed up ALL the girls for ballet and gymnastics when some signed up for the other activities?”

Clerk: “Because if girls play aggressive sports, they look ugly. They need to learn their place. Anyway, I need to talk to you about this woman who is threatening to sue us.”

Manager: “F*** it! [Clerk], I want to know why you did this. Women have lives OUTSIDE the home!”

Clerk: “Yeah. But these little b*****s gotta learn they have to use these moves to impress a guy.”

Manager: “You are not only FIRED, but I will tell that woman I presume you insulted that she won’t NEED to sue because we’ll get her daughter in her chosen sport.”

(I find out the mother is another mom of my daughter’s friends. When I see her in the parking lot, she and her daughter look distressed and she is crying. Turns out the clerk had called her a ‘f****** b****’ and told her she ‘better stay inside the home or he’d hit her stupid.’ The clerk was fired. When I next heard about him, I was told he had a sexual assault charge on a woman just down from my children’s elementary.)


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