Not Making A Meal Out Of The Menu

, , | Working | July 7, 2019

(My family goes to an Italian restaurant for my 14th birthday. I am really excited to have an arrabiata dish, since I had it once on holiday and loved it, but haven’t had it since then. Unfortunately, it was on an outdated menu but is not on their current one.)

Me: “I’ll just pick something else.”

Dad: “I could ask the waiter.”

Me: “No, it’s okay. It’s not on the menu; we can’t ask them.”

(The waiter comes over and the rest of my family places their orders.)

Dad: “I don’t suppose you do any other items that aren’t on the menu?” *explains*

Waiter: “I could always try asking.”

(The waiter disappears into the kitchen. I’m feeling a little embarrassed at the idea of causing a fuss. The waiter comes back, and I fully expect him to say that they can’t make it.)

Waiter: “Our head chef says he can make it and says it would be [standard price for pasta meal].”

Me: “Oh, thank you so much!”

(I still felt bad that they had to go out of their way for me, but the meal was absolutely delicious! My dad gave them a big tip and we even met the head chef, who gave my brother – an aspiring chef – some advice. To this day, that is the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. No wonder business is still good there!)

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