Not Made For Bed Making

| Learning | July 28, 2014

(I am in boarding school and the housemothers can get very intensely uptight about certain rules, such as making up the bed before breakfast. One morning I am in the shower when the housemother comes into the bathroom, which has both private shower and toilet stalls.)

Housemother: “[My Name], you haven’t made your bed!”

Me: *yelling back* “I know! I will!”

Housemother: “You do it right now! Now!”

Me: “I’ll do it in a few minutes before I go down to breakfast!”

Housemother: “NO! I said RIGHT now!”


(The housemother storms out, clearly angry. She is waiting for me when I get out of the shower a few minutes later.)

Housemother: “You may NOT talk to me like that! If I tell you to do something, you will obey me.”

(I don’t even say anything and walk past her into my room. The next day I am in the bathroom again when the same housemother bursts in.)

Housemother: “[My Name]! Your bed! Right now!”

Me: “I. AM. ON. THE. TOILET. Stop ambushing me!”

(Yes, my mother did get a letter home. She laughed.)

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