Not Looking Through Sunglasses Of Judgement

| Working | May 12, 2017

(I have just gotten a new job as an engineer. After a couples months of saving, I decide to get a nice pair of sunglasses for myself since everyone at work has a pair and I don’t. I go to an upscale mall with a budget of about $250. I go around to about four stores that specialize in sunglasses, but I’m not acknowledged or approached by any workers at any of the stores. I arrived shortly after the mall opened, but there aren’t a lot of people yet; I’m not sure if it’s my age (early 20s) or how I’m dressed (basketball shorts with a long sleeve shirt). I haven’t managed to find anything I like within my budget. I’m almost ready to give up, but I see one more store and decide to take a look.)

Employee: “Hi! Welcome to [Store]! What brings you to [Mall] today?”

Me: “Uh… I’m actually looking for a pair of sunglasses.”

Employee: “Well, as you can see, we have a good selection here. Is there a particular style or brand you’re looking for?”

Me: “I’m… actually really not sure. The only sunglasses I’ve ever owned were the $20 ones from Walmart. I just got a full time job and wanted to treat myself.”

Employee: “That’s not a problem. And congratulations on the job! Well, let’s try on some glasses to see if we can find something to your liking.”

(She then let’s me try about ten different pairs, only leaving to greet other customers. After deciding what I like, she gives me a few more pairs of the same style to try on.)

Employee: “So what did you think of those?”

Me: “I like them, but I don’t LOVE them, you know?” *I then look at the case and see a pair that I really want to try on* “What about those?”

Employee: “Oh, I forgot about these! These just came out this year.” *pulls them out of case*

Me: “I really love these, but it’s over my budget.”

Employee: “Oh, no! Well here, let me tell you a secret: we price match. You have a smartphone?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Employee: “Go to Amazon, type in this code—” *shows me on the tag* “—and tell me what it comes up with and we’ll match it.”

(I look up the item on Amazon and find it at a 40% discounted price, which puts them in my budget!)

Employee: “Awesome! Let’s get you checked out and on your way.”

Me: “I just wanted to say thank you. You were the first employee to acknowledge and help me today.”

Employee: “I’m sorry that happened, but I’m glad you’re leaving happier than when you came in! I always learned to never judge a book by it’s cover. Here’s your receipt, and I hope you have a great day!”

(I have since then always recommended that store to coworkers and friends; about half of them have purchased from that store and I left a great review on their website. Thank you, employee, for not judging me!)

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