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Not Looking Good

, , , , , | Working | February 1, 2018

(I go to pick up an item that is on sale, but I can’t find any of them. There is one on a display.)

Employee: “Can I help you find anything today?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m looking for the [item] that’s on sale, but I don’t see any.”

Employee: *turning away from me* “Yeah, we put all of those out; if you don’t see it we don’t have it.”

Me: “Your website said you had some in stock, but I don’t even see a shelf space for them.”

Employee: *turns back around and points to an empty spot on the shelf* “They belong there, and as I told you, we are out of them.”

Me: *examines shelf spot* “That says it’s for [different item].”

Employee: “Oh, right. We don’t sell [items].”

Me: “I find that hard to believe, since they are on your website, and you have a display [item] right here.” *points to the exact item on display*

Employee: “I don’t know what you want me to say to you.”

Me: “How about you say you’ll look for it?”

(The employee called a manager over at that point. We found the item and I got a discount.)

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