Not Legal (Bar)Tender

| Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Working | March 25, 2013

(Despite the fact that I’m small, I can hold my liquor quite well. I’ve had about three pints this evening, and am just ordering my fourth.)

Me: “Another pint of [popular beer], please.”

Bartender: “Sure, that’ll be six dollars.”

(I hand him a 10 dollar bill, and he pours my beer and hands it to me. A minute later, I notice he hasn’t given me my change.)

Me: “Excuse me; I gave you a 10, didn’t I?”

Bartender: “No, you gave me a five. You still owe a dollar.”

Me: “No, I remember giving you a 10. I have only tens and twenties in my wallet. You owe me four dollars in change.”

Bartender: “No, you gave me a five. The beer is six dollars. That’ll be one dollar more.”

Me: “I would like to see your manager, please.”

Bartender: “No! He’s out! One dollar, now!”

(I begin to leave the bar. On the way out, I see the manager, who’s just coming out of the back. I explain the situation to him, and he agrees to talk to his bartender. Turns out, the bartender had been pulling that trick for a year on people he thought would be too drunk to notice, and stealing the extra money. The next time I was at that bar, they had a new bartender.)

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