Not Just The Milk That Has Soured

, , , , | Working | May 31, 2018

(I have gotten into work after a three-day weekend due to a May bank holiday. I am making myself a coffee while another colleague is getting herself some cereal.)

Colleague: “Ugh, this milk stinks!

Me: *seeing the label* “It expired on Saturday. I think there’s a new one downstairs we could use.”

Colleague: “Who would put expired milk back in the fridge? That’s so disrespectful.”

Me: “I doubt it was intentional. No one was here over the weekend, and the cleaners usually empty out the fridges on Monday before we get in.”

Colleague: “THEN WHY DIDN’T THEY?”

Me: “It was a bank holiday.”

Colleague: “That holiday is for us. Not the help!”

(I doubt this is intentional as “the help” isn’t really a common phrase around here, and I only know of it from American TV. The cleaner, however, is black, and I can’t help but think she’s being intentionally racist. This is confirmed when the cleaners come around at midday, and she makes a beeline for the black cleaner.)

Colleague: “Do your f****** job. I don’t want s*** stinking up my food. If I find another bottle of that crap in that fridge, so help me, you’ll wish you had been deported.” *storms away*

(We all complained about her and she made a public apology. It wasn’t well-received, however, after she blamed her behaviour on her husband’s affair with a South African woman — who was white — that she discovered over the weekend. Because the woman was African, [Colleague] developed an irrational hatred of black people. She no longer works with us, and the office is a lot calmer.)

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