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Not Just Impostors, But Cheaters Are Among Us

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I’m playing a certain online game where one player is given the objective of killing the others in secret while the others have to figure out who the killer is and vote them off before it’s too late. Players are not allowed to communicate with each other during normal gameplay except during a meeting, and dead players are not allowed to communicate at all.

In this particular game, I get assigned as the killer. I get a few decent kills in, and then one player calls a meeting.

Player #1: “It’s [My Name]! They just killed my friend! He just texted me.”

Player #2: “Okay.”

All the remaining players immediately vote for me without regard to the blatant cheating. I hold off on my vote, though, so I can object.

Me: “Dude, that’s f****** cheating!”

Player #1: “[Player #5] is my friend. They said you killed them. RIP.”

Player #3: “How is it cheating?”

Player #4: “Yeah, [Player #1] figured out it was you.”

Me: “Only because their friend texted them.”

Player #3: “So?”

Me: “Communicating outside the game isn’t allowed.”

Player #1: “Says who?”

Me: “Says the creator.”

Player #2: “Show us where exactly it says we can’t text each other.”

At this point, the vote timer ran out and I got voted off before I could respond. I immediately left the lobby and searched for a new one. The next lobby wasn’t much better. After I got chosen as the killer again, the host banned me from the lobby out of spite just for killing them.

Not all my games have been this bad, but it still felt pretty sour to get two scummy lobbies in a row.

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