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Not Just Discussing School Affairs

, , , | Learning | June 2, 2017

(I attend a religious private school for most of my school life. It’s a small school with about 100 students and pretty much everyone knows each other’s name, including their parents. One day, the new principal calls everyone into the auditorium in the middle of class and no one, not even the teachers, knows why.)

Principal: “As you all know, we here at [School] hold all of you, and our staff, to a high standard. It is our belief that we live and practice God’s word every day.”

(He starts making a speech about relationships and commitment and trust. Then he drops this little gem.)

Principal: “It has come to my attention that Mr. [Teacher]—” *who is married* “—has been having an affair with Mrs. [Name].”

(This is a student’s mother, who we all know is also married. Everyone in the auditorium looks at the student in question, and she starts tearing up.)

Principal: “We do not tolerate such an adulterous action, and as such, Mr. [Teacher] will no longer be teaching. He has voluntarily resigned. This is not an act that we here at [School] approve of because it is an act of deception and is wrong in more than one way.”

(Everyone is still staring at the student and she starts crying.)

Principal: “We ask that you please leave both families alone as they address this sinful event.”

(The student runs out of the auditorium still crying; her friend follows after her.)

Principal: “That is all I have to say about the matter; please return to class and continue with your lessons.”

(The irony about this event was that the principal didn’t want rumors flying around and yet not one single person knew about the affair. The gossip queens, the teachers, the office staff, not even the student herself knew about it. The student ended up leaving the school because she was so embarrassed about the whole situation. Needless to say, the principal was not popular with students, staff, or parents after that. And that is the story about the time our principal told everyone in the school about an affair between teacher and parent.)

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