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Not Just A Crazy Request, But A S***ty One

, , , , | Right | October 14, 2020

I run a dog grooming business. A man walks in with his dog, who is coated in something brown. I pray it’s just mud but as he gets closer, I can smell that it’s not.

Me: *Trying not to gag* “Hello, sir.”

Man: “Rodger needs a bath.”

Me: “I see.”

Man: “He rolled in s***.”

Me: “Yes, I see.”

Man: “You can get him clean?”

Me: “I can do that.”

He hands me Rodger’s leash, which is thankfully clean, and walks away. An hour later, the man returns and collects his dog. He thanks me, pays, and leaves.

The next day, I arrive to find a voicemail from Rodger’s owner. He demands his money back. I call him to find out what happened.

Man: “Yes?”

Me: “Hello. This is [My Name] from [Groomer]. You were unhappy with Rodger’s bath?”

Man: “Yes! He’s covered in s***!”

Me: *Confused* “He is?”

Man: “Yes!”

Me: “I don’t understand. He was clean when he left me.”

Man: “And he went and rolled in s*** again! I want my money back!”

Me: “Um… No, I’m not refunding you because you allowed your dog to get dirty again.”

Man: “Yes, you will! He’s dirty!”

Me: “Then maybe you shouldn’t leave him unattended.”

Man: “I want my money back!”

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, sir, but I did bathe your dog and you were happy with it when you left. So I will not be refunding you.”

Man: “I’m calling the police!” *Hangs up*

I never heard from the police, nor that man, again.

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