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Not Job-Seeking Out Your Advice, Dad

, , , , | Related | September 30, 2019

(At the end of summer break before my second year of college, my father arranges for me to spend two weeks working as a receptionist in the small private company where he works, while their regular receptionist is out on vacation. I’m just meant to answer the phones, get the mail, and maybe make copies for people in the office. However, I must still interview with the company owner first, which I do. He asks me about the regular things, including past work experience; at this point I have none, and I’m honest about it. I’m a college student with one year of classes and good grades, I can use a computer, and I’m willing to work diligently and do anything they ask; that’s about all I have to say for myself. I do not try to prevaricate about anything – I didn’t even know how back then, and Dad didn’t tell me to try. The owner seems fine with it and hires me on. He actually comes off a lot nicer and more reasonable than I was expecting; the entire time my father’s been working for him, both my parents have gone on and on nonstop about this man always yelling at everyone, throwing tantrums, and seemingly having serious mental problems. I wait for my father to finish work so he can drive us home. Then, in the car, he decides to start in on me out of nowhere:)

Dad: “You know, [My Name], [Owner] is actually a very clever man. I spoke to him after your interview and he made clear that he sussed you out! Yes, he figured you out with ease and could tell right away that you don’t have any work experience at all!”

(I stare at Dad in extreme confusion about his saying something so obvious, but apparently, he misinterprets it to mean that I didn’t understand him. He then even starts shaking his finger at me in emphasis while talking.)

Dad: *as if he’s teaching me some great lesson* “Yes, [Owner] is a very smart, quick-witted man! He could tell very easily that you have no work experience! None whatsoever! It was extremely generous of him to agree to hire you anyway, and you are very lucky, since he could just tell that you have no experience! At all! He cottoned on to the fact that you haven’t ever worked anywhere before! You see, he just saw right through whatever you told him!” 

(And on and on and on in this vein while I’m just flabbergasted. While I almost never argue with my parents, finally, I’ve had enough:)

Me: “Why yes, Dad, I’m quite sure that he could figure out my lack of work experience pretty easily, seeing as I plainly told him about it myself as soon as he asked me! I didn’t try to lie to the man! What exactly is your point here?!”

Dad: *abruptly shuts up, turns away, doesn’t answer me, and keeps silent the rest of the drive home, sulking*

(He never mentioned my lack of work experience again. I still can’t figure out what his deal was. I never let him set me up with a job again, in any case. This stint turned out to be extremely unchallenging and underwhelming; they had so little work for me that I was just sitting around bored for most of eight hours per day.)

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