Not In Tune With Their Way Of Thinking

| MN, USA | Friendly | September 10, 2014

(I am a DJ/karaoke host in a small town and am friendly with other local DJs. We cover each other’s gigs when needed and send potential business that we can’t do to each other. We may be rivals, but have always been friendly and helpful. I get a text from a DJ:)

DJ: “[Bar] called me about a gig, but it is on [Weeknight] when my regular gig is, so I passed your name to the bar manager.”

(A few days later, I run into this DJ, and ask him about the text.)

Me: “So, what was the story with the call from [Bar], because I haven’t heard anything from them.”

DJ: “Yeah, they called me up and told me they wanted [Weeknight], and you know I already have a regular gig. I told them that I’d love to do any other night, but [Weeknight] already has four other places doing karaoke and they’d be the fifth. I told them they really shouldn’t do it and it would be a waste of their time. But I gave them your number and told them they should talk to you.”

Me: “What?! One place has karaoke seven nights a week, on a really bad sounding system, and no one goes there if they have another option. [Other DJ]’s gig is packed, and there is no room for anyone else to get in the rotation. I’ve heard poor reviews of the third place, and I don’t think there is a fourth place.”

(The DJ did everything they could to discourage this bar from having a gig, but also told me that he gave them my number so that if they did anyway, I’d be thankful that he helped me out.  Then he TOLD me all of this, not thinking that I’d connect the dots. Thanks for the ‘help.’)

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