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Not In Receipt Of Nice Customers

, , , | Right | January 25, 2021

I bought two pairs of jeans at a well-known charity shop before discovering that they didn’t actually fit, by which time I’d already removed the tags and chucked the receipt. The next week, I take both pairs back to the shop and find a different pair of trousers and a pair of shoes, both of which I try on before going to pay.

Cashier: “Just these?”

Me: “So, I’m buying the flowery trousers and the shoes, but I also have these two pairs of jeans. I bought them here the other week but they don’t fit and they don’t have the tags. Can I just donate them back?”

Cashier: *Going a bit pale* “Uh, do you still maybe have your receipt?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

Cashier: *Visibly terrified* “Well, um I can’t really return them without one.”

Me: “No, no! I don’t need any money back. I just thought maybe I could re-donate them to you? Since I have no use for them.”

Cashier: “Oh! Of course, you can! Thank you so much!”

She processes my payment for the trousers and shoes and puts the two pairs of jeans under the counter.

Cashier: “There you are. Thank you so much for doing that, and for being so nice!”

Me: “It… it’s really no problem.”

I know some people are d**ks about returns when it’s a decent amount of money, but in a charity shop? For jeans that cost less than £2 each, and to a sweet old lady? I hope she gets more nice customers in future!

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