Not In My Store, Not My Problem

, , , , | Right | January 8, 2021

I am ordering fast food in my local shopping mall’s food court, happily waiting to receive my order, when the following catches my attention.

A previous customer has ordered and stood off to the side while they wait for their food. Where they are standing, they are actually in front of the next food place’s counter.

A staff member comes to the counter, calls out an order number, and glances around to see who is coming to collect it. I see the person raise their hand, but they don’t step forward to collect their food. When the staff member doesn’t notice this, they start waving.

Because they’re essentially standing in front of a different food place, the staff member hasn’t seen them and calls out the number again. At this point, the person actually starts clapping their hands to get the staff member’s attention, apparently expecting to have the staff member bring the food to them, rather than walking over to the collection point, which is all of a few metres away.

Talk about being lazy.

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